My Personal A to Z of Canada – C is for Camping

I am continuing with my personal A-Z of Canada and this time – C is for camping in Canisbay Lake

One of the things we love about Canada the most is the vast, beautiful wilderness.  Opportunities to go camping are abundant in every type of environment whether it is beaches, lakes, mountains or forests. On the long weekend last week we packed up the truck and headed 3 hours north to Algonquin Provincial Park.  Something I should point out is that to Canadians camping is an Rv/Motorhome or Trailer/Caravan.  When I say camping (which they call tenting!) I mean under canvas.

This was the first sight that greeted us at the entrance to the campground and I admit it freaked me out a bit. :-0

Although there were bear sightings close by we didn’t see any although we did see moose which I was really excited about.

Algonquin attracts over 250,000 visitors every year the vast majority of which are here for the camping, canoeing and hiking.








Unlike most UK campsites that are usually just a big field, Canadian campsites are often in forests with each site having it’s own little clearing complete with a fire pit.

One of my favourite parts of camping is sitting around the fire during the evening with a glass of wine while the kids toast marshmallows.


Another great thing about camping in Provincial or National parks is the hiking opportunities.  Hiking trails are marked and advertised so you can get out right into the wilderness and see sights like these.







Beaver Dam

Beaver Lodge









The Teen and the Tween also enjoyed themselves despite two days with no phone signal or internet access!







This summer we are planning more camping trips to get out and enjoy this stunning country we live in.

10 thoughts on “My Personal A to Z of Canada – C is for Camping

  1. Alan

    Beautiful pictures, much like northern Saskatchewan. Some people think that we are all flat and treeless. Do you have any problem with woodticks? They are terrible in May and June.

  2. Dragonsflypoppy

    What amazing scenery and I’m sure it did you all good to go ‘off grid’ for a few days! Now, about those bears…I have to admit that I would be totally freaked out by that and racing to find the nearest B&B – safely behind bricks and mortar! Don’t you have to be super careful about eating outdoors and where you put the rubbish? How did you manage with that?
    So pleased it afforded you the moose opportunity! xx

    1. Lou Post author

      You just have to make sure your food stays in sealed boxes and at the end of the day we put our rubbish in the back of the truck or in the bear proof bins on the site. Youngest son and I were the most nervous but the Canadians in our party convinced us that we were overreacting!

  3. Jess

    Beautiful Lou! I’m amazed your boys survived for so long without the Internet tho….I thought kids didn’t go anywhere without a 3G signal these days! #pocolo

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