My Mentor

I’m not usually controversial but here goes… many people may think they had the best mentor when they began blogging but they are wrong because I did.  This post is dedicated to Mama Syder, the best blogging mentor ever!


Like many expats I struggle with periods of homesickness.  Our first year had been busy, finding our feet and getting into a routine. Hubby couldn’t settle into a job after 11 years as his own boss so he was often around the house.  Just over a year in and the kids go back to school after 2 months off, my best expat friend returns to work after her maternity leave ends and husband finds himself a new job.  Homesickness hits me like a sledgehammer.  I missed my family, my friends and I was sick and tired of being on my own so I start to investigate work and going to college but nothing seems to fit in with the kids. Sure, our eldest in old enough to come and go as he pleases but youngest is only 11 and too young to be left on his own for any period of time. I can’t find anything.  I volunteer at our youngest sons school three days a week but the only thing I have gotten out of that is an intimate relationship with the photocopier.  A skype conversation with the family back in England and Mama Syder suggests I start a blog to connect with other expats and to keep me busy.  Great idea, just what I needed to keep me sane.

Me, Mama Syder & the kids 1996


Mama and I have been friends, as well as related by marriage, for over 20 years and although there were times when we didn’t communicate much she always was one of those people I could share absolutely anything with, no censorship needed.  We’re very different in many ways but share the same values where it counts.  We watched our kids grow up together, she was amazing when my eldest was born (boy was he a tough baby) and we shared the worst moment of both our lives.

Mama Syder & my eldest 1994


She has a fantastic blog, which is so honest it makes you go through every possible emotion; it makes me laugh, smile, cry and everything in between. She gives great tips on thrifty living and shares her beautiful photos.

She has answered my emails queries at crazy times of night and supported me step by step through every phase of setting up my blog. So today I want to say Thank You to the best mentor ever, Mama Syder. You’re the best!


5 thoughts on “My Mentor

  1. Mama Syder

    Awwww Lou, I’m lost for words! Thankyou so much! You have made me cry with this post, so many memories of our many years as Sister in Laws.

    You have taken to blogging like a duck to water and really didnt need much mentoring atall. I love that I can keep up to date with your wonderful new life in Canada via your blog now, because it adds a more personal touch that Skype cant match, as mad as that sounds xxx

    1. Lou Post author

      I’m really pleased you like what I’ve done so far, I would never have had the confidence to do it without your support x

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