My Icy Photos – What’s the Story?

Question – What do you get when you cross 100kph wind, -25C and water?

Answer – A perfect photo opportunity!


Over the last couple of weeks I have been posting a few icy shots and had several comments asking where they were taken and how cold it was so I thought I would take the opportunity during Charly’s What’s the Story link to explain.


The harsh winter that I wrote about the other week continues and temperatures persist well below seasonal norms.  This has been accompanied by extremely strong winds, at times gusting above 100kph and causing the already freezing temperatures to feel much, much colder.  As the waves crash on the lakeshore they freeze instantly on the plants and trees lining the lake creating scenes like this:





Also the frigid winds, often below -25C, blowing across the relatively warm water of Lake Ontario creates this beautiful affect that makes the water look like it’s steaming.






I took these photos about a week ago when, in my wisdom (!), I decided to stop off at a local park to take a brief walk before returning home after a quick trip out to get Youngest Son’s birthday present.  The wind chill was about -28 and despite being dressed in snow boots to my calves and a down coat to my knees, gloves and a scarf I could only bare it for a few minutes.  Soon after leaving the car my knees, through my jeans, began to tingle and I had to wrap my scarf around my face as a barrier from the wind.  I lasted about 10 minutes before retreating to the warmth of the truck.  This is the reality of this winter in Canada, time outside is brief whilst being bundled up in multiple layers with every square inch of flesh covered.

So while this extreme winter continues I shall continue to photograph it and document it and next time you see an icy shot from me spare a thought for the physical pain I went through to take it and please send some warm vibes this way, it will be much appreciated! 😀


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11 thoughts on “My Icy Photos – What’s the Story?

  1. Charly Dove

    Ellen’s right, it does look rather like Narnia! Absolutely incredible photos though Lou, just stunning they really are. Love all of them. I remember how cold it was from when we holidayed in Canada many years ago, every time I came down the slope I’d purchase another item of clothing! I totally get why you’d need to be completely covered, that’s what makes these photos even better! Thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  2. Mum

    Fabulous pics lou, you SHOULD enter them in a competition. Don’t think we will visit in the winter. If it’s any consolation, we in the UK have had in rain what you have had in snow. So much we all ahve webbed feet now!

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  4. Holly Nelson

    They are lovely – and the pain is precisely why there aren’t any on my blog! By the way, I posted your snood – sorry it was late, been a busy girl. I hope it comes soon though x

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