My Favourite Travel Photo

There is a prompt for today’s Travel Tuesday, it is “Show us your most favourite photo from all your travels and tell us why it means so much to you”. 

I have shared this photo before, a couple of times in fact, so apologies for repeating myself but it is my most favourite holiday photo and I couldn’t honestly share any other picture.

It was taken in Banff, Alberta on our first holiday there in 2006.  This is the picture that hangs in my dining room, that I look at every mealtime.  It reminds me of the holiday that literally changed our lives.  Our crazy, full on, two week whirlwind holiday where we rushed around from morning to night trying to fit in and soak up as much of the experiences as physically possible while marveling at the stunning scenery all around us.  The holiday that made us reassess our lives, contemplate our place on the world and the lives we wanted to live.

This was where our emigration journey began.


5 thoughts on “My Favourite Travel Photo

  1. Lisa

    That’s fantastic, no wonder you love it.

    In a previous lifetime I had a sister-in-law that lived in Edmonton and took the ex-husband & I to Banff & Jasper. Just beautiful 🙂

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