Morocco Safari – The last Leg

After leaving the Sahara Desert (written about here) we were on the last leg of our Morocco Safari.


A model of our car made by kids in Zagora

We had a stop in Zagora, where historically the camel trains would leave to travel to Timbuktu.  Luckily it was a hotel stop, which gave us a very welcome time to wash the Sahara sand out of our undies! Kids hang around outside the hotel, which was a regular stop for off-roaders like us leaving the desert and they asked if we would buy a model of our car the following day before we left. This is what we bought and you can’t help but admire the ingenuity of the kids, willing to use any old rubbish and turn it into a money making scheme.


Todra Gorge

Todra Gorge

After a ride through the spectacular Todra Gorge and a close encounter with a sand devil we entered the cedar forest.


Sand Devil

Sand Devil

Cedar Forest

Cedar Forest

It was really weird after the dry, hot, dusty desert to see such huge green trees.  We were climbing in altitude which meant falling temperatures especially at night.


Lak Tislit

Lac Tislit

Our stop on the shores of lake Tislit, the only body of water we had seen in 12 days, saw temperatures close to zero at night that had us all shivering in our tents.

Our roof tent

Our roof tent


When we left there we were back into a hot, dry atmosphere that lead us back to Tangier and eventually the ferry back to Spain.

In next week’s final chapter I will share some more of the photo’s from our amazing journey.


8 thoughts on “Morocco Safari – The last Leg

  1. Charly Dove

    What fabulous photos Lou. Todra Gorge especially looks incredible and Lac Tislit just beautiful. It must have been really odd as you say to see trees and rather scary seeing that sand devil, looks nasty. I love that you have a model of the car, a great reminder of a wonderful trip. I’ve absolutely loved hearing about your travels, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory


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