Morocco Safari Day 4


What dangers lurk in the car park…?


The first few days into our Moroccan Adventure proved to be a steep learning curve and none more important than the lesson we learned during our first hotel stop.

Hubbie and I were quite smug in the knowledge that we had the only vehicle with air conditioning  but what we thought was a blessing turned out to be a curse. While the rest of our party slowly acclimatized to the heat that intensified every day, we didn’t.  Consequently I was the first casualty of the holiday when I fainted at dinner that night suffering the effects of heat exhaustion. My ‘mum instinct’ made me overly cautious of the amount of water the boys were drinking but, like you do, I forgot about me. A stern talking to on the importance of hydration for all of us, absolutely NO air con and some rehydration salts courtesy of our group leader and within a few hours I was on the mend, lesson learned.

However, later that night I was woken by hubbie writhing around in pain and recognized his symptoms immediately, they were the same as mine.  The trouble was our rehydration salts were in the car at the other end of the hotel, which was basically a walled enclosure in the middle of nowhere.  So I grabbed my keys and headed outside into the pitch-black night to try to find the car and our first aid kit.  I was absolutely terrified and physically shaking I began to imagine the headlines “Dumb English girl goes missing after wandering around Moroccan dessert alone”.  So I poked my keys through my fingers like a knuckle-duster and preparing myself for a fight I carried on.  After what seemed like an age the cars came into view and still shaking with fear I began to frantically press the key fob to try and unlock the doors and turn the car lights on so I could see.

Eventually I was close enough and as the lights flashed the silhouette of a man standing at the back of my car came into sharp relief, as I began to scream I realized he was screaming too.  “Madame! Guardian! Guardian!” he yelled at me in broken French and suddenly realization dawned on me, far from being a serial killer he was in fact a parking guardian employed by the hotel to keep our vehicles safe during our stay.  Although relieved I couldn’t stop shaking as I grabbed the first aid kit and ran back to our room and with trembling fingers locked the door behind me, Phew!

The talk at breakfast the following morning was filled with the story of how someone gave the poor old parking guardian the fright of his life in the middle of the night!

More next week 😀



8 thoughts on “Morocco Safari Day 4

  1. Charly Dove

    Oh my goodness Lou that must have been terrifying at that time. What a fabulous story though! Just love hearing about your travels, always such a great read. Thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

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  3. Tina @ Girl Meets Globe

    Oh I’m just picturing it and can just feel the fear and anxiousness you must have had going out to your vehicle. I giggled too because the exactly way that you described it (walking fiercely, keys between fingers) is just what I would have done.

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