Magic Moments – The Day We Emigrated Part 1

This is the first of a few posts celebrating the two-year anniversary of our emigration to Canada which is coming up next weekend.  So for today’s Magic Moment I want to share the first part in the story of the day we landed in Canada.

It was July 19th 2011, the container was packed and shipped and we’d done the emotional goodbyes and we headed off in a taxi to the Hotel in Gatwick Airport.  I think as soon as we arrive at the hotel we could close the door on the negative emotions associated with leaving and being to get excited about the start of our adventure.  All we had to do was survive the next day’s trip through the airport with excess baggage, our two (endangered species) tortoises and Hubbies three shotguns.   We basically had all three categories of potential problems to deal with all at once, oh joy!

The first thing to do was meet the Pet Transportation Agent in the Cargo Area at the airport, that was pretty straight forward, he had all the paperwork done and the pet carrier too.

Next was walking through the airport with 8 cases and three firearms, hmmmm this was going to be a tricky one.  Gatwick was undergoing major renovations (of course it was, it wasn’t like things were going to be easy for us!) so a little more chaotic than usual.  We went straight to check in which, understandably took hours and after paying for our extra baggage we got our very own escort to walk us through the airport with the shotguns.  Finally after a stop off at customs to fill out more paperwork and check in the guns we were free to proceed through security.

The Magic Moment was as we finally boarded the plane, I was expecting to be more emotional than I was but it was more of a sense of relief that we were finally on our way and for the next 8 blissful hours I didn’t need to think, I had no forms to fill out, nothing to organize and the biggest decision was whether I wanted fish or chicken and whether I was going to have a second glass of wine with dinner, although that was more of a foregone conclusion. 😉  Next stop, Toronto!



7 thoughts on “Magic Moments – The Day We Emigrated Part 1

  1. Kirsty Sims

    I can’t believe two years have gone by! I love reading your posts Lou! Makes me feel that I am with you! Miss you! XxX xXx

    1. Lou Post author

      Hey Kirsty, the time sure has flown by. I’m glad you enjoy reading my waffle! Miss you too xx

  2. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    I thought we had a lot of baggage…! Bizarrely, we flew over on July 19th last year 🙂 Didn’t move into our house until the beginning of August though, so feel like that was really the proper start of our adventure! Looking forward to Part 2!

  3. Molly @ The Move to America

    This was so good to read (as I approach my visa interview in a few days). I so long to reach the point where no more forms are needed to be filled out and I can get on the plane and have that moment, like you did, when you finally felt it was all starting. Nothing else to do but get there!
    Congrats on your two years!

  4. Paula

    Looking forward to the next installment of this emigration series. I can’t imagine packing up everything and leaving what I know as home to venture elsewhere to try and make a go of it. I admire you for having done so. I need to know how your endangered species tortoises handled the journey. I’m actually surprised that you were able to take them out of the country.

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