Magic Moments – Surprise

I had the most amazing magic moment last Friday

I may not have mentioned before but I had ones of those ‘big birthdays’ coming up next weekend.  You know the one that means the imminent mid-life crisis is just around the corner.

Funnily enough I feel fine about turning forty. My kids are almost grown up at 19 and 12, we’ve run our own successful business for years, have travelled to some lovely parts of the world and have spent the past two years living here in Canada so it’s not like I’m wondering what I‘ve done with my life, I’ve been busy.  What I hadn’t realized was that I wasn’t looking forward to ‘the big day’ itself, mainly because my family and friends are over there in Blighty so it wouldn’t have been such a big day at all.  My birthday is just a reminder of the worst parts of expat life.

I woke up on Friday morning feeling weird, I don’t know why. I had a nervous tummy and felt strangely anxious.  I busied myself with the housework while keeping an eye on skype as I wanted to have a chat with my mum and dad.  I’d only spoken to them two days before but for some reason I felt I needed to speak to them.  All day long they remain persistently off line.  That was odd.  While I worked around the house my anxiety became worse and my brain began to work overtime, I began to realize that there was definitely something strange going on.  At about 3.30pm I couldn’t stand it anymore and called my sister.  I asked her if she knew where our parents were, ‘ Nooooo’ she replied innocently.  I told her how odd I was feeling and that I knew something just wasn’t right….

Twenty minutes later Hubbie got in from work, another odd thing, he was home early.  He called out, “Come and give me a hand with something in the truck will you?” I stomped down the stairs mumbling something about how I’m sure our big strong 6 ft tall 19 year old son could help instead.  As I walked out onto the driveway someone called me from behind and as I turned around to look, there were my parents standing beside me grinning from ear to ear!  They have flown in for 12 days to spend my big birthday with me.  Isn’t that just the best birthday surprise ever?

Our for a stroll together on Sunday


10 thoughts on “Magic Moments – Surprise

  1. Jaime Oliver

    awww honey what an amazing amazing surprise!!! thats so so wonderful! secondly massive massive congrats on the the birthday my lovely 🙂

    thank you for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  2. Emma

    This made me cry too, I think only we expats would fully understand how amazing something like this feels! Have a wonderful birthday! 🙂 x

  3. Charly Dove

    Can’t believe I missed this post!!! Said it before but it must have been absolutely incredible. Not surprised you cried when you saw them having wanted to speak to them and not been able to. Wonderful post and I love that photo 🙂

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