Magic Moments – My Volunteer of Distinction Award

On Thursday night, Hubbie and I headed out to our district school board head office so that I could collect my Volunteer of Distinction Award.

award pic

At the end of the last school year the Principal at youngest Sons school told me that I was being put forward for the award,  I was completely stunned. I work at school on a voluntary basis between 3 and 4 times a week, I have a group of kids that I give speech therapy to, I help kids who have ADHD with their reading and generally giving them one to one attention.  I help with the immunization clinics, occasional admin work and our SCC (PTA) weekly pizza lunch fundraiser and although I am there almost as much as the teachers I never make a fuss about what I do, other volunteers tend to be a bit more vocal about their contributions but I do it because I enjoy it and never expected anything from it so I was really surprised when I was recognized for my work.


On the way to the event I felt more like I was going for root canal at the dentist rather than an award ceremony, I never do anything that draws attention to myself so I was extremely nervous and kept imagining all kinds of scenarios where I tripped in my heels and face-plant on the stage in front of everyone!  Fortunately that didn’t happen, I’m relieved to say I walked onto the stage collected my award, smiled for my photo and didn’t embarrass myself in front of hundreds of people, phew!


I received these beautiful blue roses, a certificate and a lovely engraved pen.  I do what I do because I enjoy it and because I like to be feel useful, so to be rewarded for it was such a lovely magic moment for me 😀


13 thoughts on “Magic Moments – My Volunteer of Distinction Award

  1. Rachel

    Congratulations! How lovely to be recognised for all the hard work you do. You so deserve it. I used to volunteer in my children’s school when they were little and I loved it. Well done 🙂

  2. Jill

    Congrats Lou on your award. Volunteers do such a fab job and very rarely get thanks. It’s lovely they have rewarded you for all your good work xxx

  3. Mama Syder

    Really lovely Lou! Well Done! Blue Roses are what I wanted for my bridal bouquet but we couldnt get them ordered at such short notice at the time. Beautiful bouquet xxx

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