Hello Bloggersphere!



Helllloooooooo Bloggersphere and hello to all my lovely bloggy friends 🙂

Oh how I have missed being here!

Firstly, thank you for your messages especially from the lovely Michelle Twin Mum and Kelloggsville, I was touched by your concern ladies, you are very sweet 🙂


So what has kept me away from my blog for the last 5 months you might ask? Well I know you didn’t ask but I’m going to tell you anyway! 😉


We took the plunge in October when Hubbie and I started working for ourselves. Our new Air Conditioning business and has taken up every single minute, every waking thought and every ounce of energy we have had for the last 5 months.

Starting a business as a relative newcomer to Canada has been challenging, not that we were ever under any illusion that it would be simple. It seems we have to work twice as hard to build trust and relationships. Good job neither of us are scared of hard work!


It has been very different starting up here than it was when we started our air conditioning company back in England in 2000. Social media is now an essential part of any start up, producing a professional looking website and having a presence on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is something we didn’t need to do last time.   I have to relearn almost everything I learned in England from terminology and business etiquette to taxes and accounting. Starting from scratch in an industry I thought I knew inside out has been harder than I anticipated.

The hard work has started to pay off though and I have a feeling this is going to be a really good year for us.

In other news, we have just gotten through a “record breaking cold February” and I couldn’t be happier that we might finally reach above zero temperatures next week, especially as the windchill right now is -20C! It’s way too early to be declaring Spring by any stretch of the imagination but there are little hints here and there that it won’t be too long. YAY!

So I’ll leave you with some wintery shots to make you shiver and a hope that it won’t be too long before I post again, fingers crossed 🙂




One tiny sliver of open water in Lake Ontario while the rest is frozen as far as the eye can see






8 thoughts on “Hello Bloggersphere!

  1. Holly

    Hi! I kept wandering onto your site – wondering where you had gone, but I assumed it was the business! Well doe you guys. The photos are lovely too x

  2. Ojo Henley

    I was so happy to see this in my inbox! Glad that you’re ok and your absence has been for good reasons. Good luck with the business, hope its a raging success xx

  3. mama syder

    Great to see you back Lou. Wishing you all the best with your business, I know it will be a success. I love the new look blog, its fab xxx

  4. Kriss MacDonald

    I was wondering why you were so quiet and missed your gorgeous photos. Wonderful to hear that your business is taking off. (In case you’re wondering I changed my blogs name from Over there to here to Wild About Here)

  5. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    So nice to see your beautiful photos back on my Bloglovin timeline. I’m so behind with keeping up though that I only last week realised I hadn’t seen a Sunday photo from you in a while! Nice to be absent for a good reason though and I wish you every future success! 🙂

  6. Stephanie

    oh good to see you back – I wondered the other day how you were getting on and have finally remembered to come and check on your blog. Fab photos, and hope Spring’s on its way since you’ve written this post! *waves*

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