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I am delighted that Molly @ The Move to America has brought back the Expat Experience link up which gives us Expats bloggers a chance to share our thoughts and opinions on the country we now call home. This week our theme is the top places we have visited so I decided to share my favourite Provincial Parks… so far.


We love camping as a family and it has been a fantastic way to get out and enjoy the ‘real Canada’. Every time we go we visit a different park and try to explore as much of the surrounding area as possible. Each park is different and has it’s own identity defined by the surrounding terrain, they are mainly in forests and alongside a body of water but are varied in their size and the facilities available. At this point I should mention that I always check Mycampsitereview.com for first hand experiences of a park and recommendations of the best sites.


No. 3 Fairbank Provincial Park


Fairbank makes my number 3 spot because of its location.   Miles from anywhere it is ideally situated for stargazing, the night sky is breathtaking. The lake is also beautifully clear and warm and perfect for swimming and lazy days on the beach. Chutes provincial park is absolutely beautiful and well worth a visit, it’s just a short drive away.

Tip: Some of the campsites are very small, check the dimensions carefully before you book. The quieter sites are the ones alongside the lake away from the comfort station.

Chutes Provincial Park

Chutes Provincial Park


No. 2 Bon Echo Provincial Park.

I absolutely loved our stay in Bon Echo two weeks ago. Our site was huge and frequently visited by chipmunks, squirrels and deer, the lake was beautiful and perfect for trips out in the canoe. The native Indian pictographs are amazing to see. The beaches are gorgeous and hiking routes are plentiful.


Tip; The forest here is quite dense so most campsites are in full shade making them mosquito heaven, don’t forget the bug spray!


No. 1 Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park


We visited Samuel de Champlain at the end of August last year and it is my favourite park so far. The Horse Race Rapids run through the middle of the park which are tame enough for old and young alike to float down on any inflatable object they can get their hands on, it provides hours and hours of fun!


The Mattawa River on the park offers stunning scenery and awesome canoe routes for a variety of abilities whether it’s a rented kayak to paddle just off the beach or taking your own canoe on a long trip with several portages.


Tip; if you are going to ride the rapids carry a small waterproof container of salt just incase you need to rid yourself of a leech!

I’m sure this list will change as we discover more Provincial Parks and I wonder if Finlayson Point Provincial Park will make the list of my favourites when we visit there next week.


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  1. Holly Nelson

    They all look so marvellous – Luke and I just went to a conservation area camping and I LOVED it! I felt like I was really in Canada for the first time. I saw a beaver too, which made my year!

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