Close Encounters of the Moose Kind – Magic Moments #2

I had a real ‘magic moment’ last Saturday while we were camping in the Canadian wilderness, Algonquin Provincial Park.  We had researched the area before we went and I was excited to discover that May is the best time of year for Moose Viewing.   I had never seen a moose in the flesh before we came to Canada and despite many visits all over the country into mountains and parks we had never been lucky enough come across them.  We have a couple in the Toronto Zoo but it’s just not the same as seeing them in the wild.  One of the many things I love about Canada is the variety of huge animals that live here.


So we were out and about travelling through the park with our eyes scouring the forest to each side of us trying to spot wildlife and suddenly there right by the road in front of us was a young moose, she bolted back into the forest edge and stood there for just a few seconds before running off.  My cousin-in-law turned to me with a smug look on her face and said ‘there, you wanted moose I gave you moose, happy?’ She rolled her eyes when I replied that it was lovely to see one but now I want a photo!   We jumped back in the car and just a few minutes later we managed to spot this Moosive (sorry I couldn’t resist! 😉 ) bull moose grazing, he must have been 6 feet to his shoulders.  He was totally unperturbed by us jumping out of the cars and watching him and stood there happily munching on some grass.

So that’s my magic Moment this week.  I ‘m not high maintenance, I don’t need diamonds or pearls just give me a close encounter with a moose and I’m a happy camper! 😀

13 thoughts on “Close Encounters of the Moose Kind – Magic Moments #2

  1. Molly

    I have never seen a moose in the flesh, but I saw a nature programme on tv and had no idea they were so big!
    This would have been a magic moment for me too!


  2. Dragonsflypoppy

    That’s a brilliant, fabulous magic moment…something I would call magic too. Moose are the epitome of all things Canadian, aren’t they? I lover the pictures too. I have read books set in Canada where moose just wander into towns and mooch down the high street! Does that really happen? Thank you for sharing it’s lovely xx

  3. Nichola Fabfortymum

    He is spectacular, even more so to see him in the forest. I almost emigrated to Vancouver when I was 16 and remember an exciting bear encounter, I would have loved to see a moose 🙂

  4. Mummi g

    Wow! That was moosive! 🙂 what a great pic!
    I remember my first sighting of a kangaroo in the wild …!
    The roos actually live in the bush at the bottom of our garden so I see them most days now and I still get as excited as the first time!
    My OH doesn’t though as they wait to jump in front of his car every night as he drives home from work!

  5. Zhu

    Lucky you! I’ve never seen one in the wild so close. Just deers and fawns… and snakes! Lots of snakes around The Thousand Islands (just so you know!)

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