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Word of the Week – Plunge



We have finally taken the plunge  and Hubbie has quit his job, from next week we will be officially working for ourselves.

It is a scary time and it has made our future uncertain yet again but I guess that is another example of how starting a new life in another country can keep you on your toes!  I feel a little like Eldest Son does in the photo above, bracing for impact, a little out of control maybe but trusting that the end result will be ok.

We’ve done it before, when we lived in England, so we’re under no illusions of the hard work and determination it will take to make this business successful but hopefully we have learned from the mistakes we made before and this time the journey will be easier.

Unfortunately this will mean my blogging will need to take a back seat while we get on our feet but I hope to be able to balance both eventually .  I guess that’s not a bad thing as it will allow me to concentrate on quality rather than quantity, there are so many brilliant linkys out there that have allowed me to try out my writing skills and explore my photography that I want to join them all but that’s just not possible.  From now on I’ll have to be more selective about what I post and try to only post when I have something important to say or a photo I’m particularly pleased with.

We have interesting times ahead to say the least, Hubbie will be much happier when he is in control of his work once again and I need to remember that when I go into full on panic mode as the worrier in me takes over!

Wish us luck!


The Reading Residence

Word of the Week – Preparation


This whole week has been taken up with preparation. With the continuing saga of if/when we will start up our business dominating our every waking moment I have decided to start preparing myself for it now.

It has been three years since we left our business in England, since then and the Air Conditioning industry has moved on significantly.  I have also discovered this week that the industry here in Canada has a whole different terminology to what I am used to plus the fact that much of the tax system is different too, boy do I have some catching up to do!

So this week started with the first in a series of courses I am doing to get myself up to speed and many hours, often long into the night, spent building our company website.  In fact I have rarely been further than arms length from my laptop all week!

What is unfortunate is that when Hubbie comes home from work to see what I have done on the website more often than not he is pointing out words or phrases I have used that are different here and “don’t make sense”.  It’s rather frustrating to say the least and it can feel like one step forward and two steps back at times.  Regardless, it’s feels nice to be busy again and comforting to know that if/when we do take the plunge I’ll be ready for it.


The Reading Residence

Word of the Week – Reflective



Reflective is the word that best describes my week for a couple of reasons.

The first is our holiday, which sadly came to an end at the beginning of this week. We were camped right on the shores of Lake Temagami in Northern Ontario. We had a fabulous week exploring the area and my favourite prt of the days were the evenings when the lake turned to glass and the reflection of the evening sky was absolutely perfect, we’d grab the canoe and kayak and head out for a paddle.





Reflective also suits my mood this week as Sunday was exactly three years since we arrived here in Canada.  Our anniversary is the time when I reflect on the changes in our life,  weigh up the pros and cons of expat life, remember the past and look to the future.



The Reading Residence

Word of the Week – Changes



Changes are afoot in our imminent future, big changes.


After 2 years of trying to work for someone else Hubbie is still struggling to deal with being an employee rather than the boss and is on the verge of quitting his job to start our own business…again.


I have been resisting this change for a while as I vividly remember the stress being a business owner and am reluctant to go there again but I guess deep down I always knew it would happen and I’m surprised this time hasn’t come sooner.


The organizer and cautious side of me is screaming out to put the breaks on this change but the rest of me is resigned to the fact that this change is inevitable and like the change in the seasons, regardless of how much you don’t want it to come there is no stopping it.


Sometimes it’s better to accept the change and get on with it, as often the anticipation is so much worse than the reality of the event.


So now I’m trying to be brave and accept the changes which is typical of this expat lifestyle. Changes come along with indecent frequency and the only thing to do is roll with the punches, put on your big girl panties, pop a smile on your face and get on with it.


The Reading Residence

Word the Week – Holidays

*sings* Schooooooooooools out for summer!

Today is the day we have been waiting for for months, the kids are tired, the teachers are exhausted and us parent volunteers are drained of our enthusiasm.

Today is the day the summer holidays begin, 9 1/2 weeks  of unadulterated fun awaits us, Wooohoooo! 😀

We are looking forward to days like this:




wasting hours on the beach throwing stones, just because we can.

Mealtimes happen when we like and not when the clock dictates.

Our weeks will be dominated with beach days, barbecues, camping trips and simply enjoying the sun and the lake.

The summer holidays are here at last, AWESOME!

The Reading Residence

Word of the Week – Summery



It seems mad that only 6 weeks ago my word of the week was Spring as we began to see the very first hints of green shoots emerging and now we are on the verge of summer already.  Our temperatures are in the mid 20’s  and the sun is shining, at long last!

I love this time of year, the temperature is hot but not yet stifling and the plants and flowers are growing incredibly quickly.  My back garden is teeming with chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, birds and the deer even popped by yesterday.


The heating has  been turned off and the air conditioning is on, the kids have less than four weeks left of the school year and the jeans and sweaters have been replaced with capri pants and t-shirts.

Summery conditions have arrived in Toronto this week and we all heave a sigh of relief 😀



The Reading Residence

Word of the Week – Camping



This was us last weekend on our first camping trip of the year.  Don’t be fooled by the sunshine and blue skies as it was absolutely freezing, literally!


Despite having temperatures close to zero at night we did have a lovely time and it was great to get back under canvas.  The sun shone for the entire long weekend and getting away from it all was exactly what we needed.  I have spent the entire week washing and rewashing clothing to get the smell of campfire out of it but it was all worth it to get out in the fresh air, soak up the sun and enjoy a hike or two 😀






The Reading Residence

Word of the Week – Brink

I decided brink is the ideal work to sum up this week as we are right on the verge of the spring/summer season.  The grass is finally turning green, my daffodils are about 4 inches high now, the weather is warming up nicely, the trees are covered in leaf buds that are about to burst open and we have only a week to wait until our first camping trip of the year.


Truth be told It’s actually quite frustrating and I feel like I’m in a constant state of suspense as I wait for it all to start.  I am longing for the days of chilling on the deck admiring my colourful garden (if the sodding chipmunks stop eating my bulbs but that’s another story!) and packing up the truck and heading off with the tent to somewhere new


We are on the brink of beach days, bike rides and barbecues for dinner, I just wish it would all hurry up and start.


The Reading Residence

Word of the Week – Brave





I was in the middle of posting my Word of the Week and The Prompt entries last Friday morning when an tweet popped up on my screen from a producer of a BBC radio programme “Are you free for a chat?” Well that was unexpected!


It turns out last Friday night BBC local radio was doing a segment on Camping and they wanted to hear stories of experiences both good and bad.  The producer had found a post I had done on our first camping trip which was, quite frankly, a complete disaster and she wanted me to be interviewed about it live on air.


My initial reaction was hell no! but we emailed back and forth a few times and then she called me to explain what she wanted from me.  I confessed to her that I was worried I would get tongue tied during the interview, I do not do limelight, centre of attention, public speaking type situations…never ever. So she gave me a run through of the sort of things I would be asked and before I knew it we were chatting and laughing like old friends and then completely unexpectedly I had agreed to the interview.


The minute I put the phone down I started to wonder why on earth I had agreed to it and was plagued with panic attacks for the rest of the afternoon, but thanks mainly to some positive comments from my lovely family and friends on facebook I plucked up the courage to go through with it and apparently it sounded ok and I didn’t screw up! 😀


So all week I have been thinking about what I could possibly achieve if I listen less to the nagging doubts inside me, stop overthinking and be brave.  Don’t worry a carreer in media is not on the cards 🙂 but who knows what might be in the future if I continue to be brave.  The possibilities are endless.


The Reading Residence

Word of the Week – Outdoors


The change in the weather has allowed us to start spending more and more time outdoors.  Hubbie and I hiked twice last weekend and on one of the days we even managed to drag the boys away from their computers to join us.  It has been such a relief after months of being cooped up inside to start enjoying the great outdoors again.  It will be better in a few weeks when the spring flowers start to bloom and the leaves come out on the trees and everything will look so much prettier.


We spent lots of time in the garden, while a battle of wits ensued between me and a hungry raccoon! and we rounded off the weekend with our first barbecue of the season.


Being outdoors this week has been such a pleasure and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this mild weather continues 🙂

The Reading Residence