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The Gallery – Something Beautiful

Tara wants to see something beautiful for this weeks Gallery, well that shouldn’t be too hard because one thing Canada has in abundance, even in the depths of winter, is natural beauty.



This is the upside of -20C, when your nasal hairs freeze every time you inhale (I kid you not!) and stepping outside for a minute needs 10 minutes of preparation with hats, gloves, scarves & boots.  Mother nature rewards us for putting up with bone chilling cold and frozen extremities with beautiful blue skies and sunshine and some pretty impressive icicles!





The Gallery

The Gallery – New

With a bit of luck within a few days this lovely shiny truck will be all mine!


My new, extremely large truck!

Currently it’s Hubbies truck and Eldest Son and I have been sharing a car, which was all working out perfectly well while he was at high school and going through the rigmarole of getting his Canadian license but since he began college in September, which he drives to every day, the car we share has become more his than mine and I have rarely had access to it.  This is really not working for me, in fact I am beginning to go stir crazy being stuck at home.


The area I live in has many positive qualities but the it’s accessibility to public transport and shops is not one of them.  My nearest shop is a half hour walk and while I’m perfectly happy to jump on my bike and ride there in the spring, summer or autumn it’s not an option in the winter with  -20C temperatures, snow and ice. Getting out for a walk is easy in the warmer months but it is another thing that becomes difficult in the winter.  I have become isolated and being home on my own, day in day out, is not fun at all.


Getting out for a walk here in the summer is great but the winter is another story.

Getting out for a walk here in the summer is great but the winter is another story.

It will be a great relief to be able to get out and about again whenever I want, now all I have to do is decide what to do with my new found freedom… 😀

The Gallery

The Gallery – Christmas Tree

Tara has asked us to share our Christmas Trees this week in The Gallery.

Here’s mine pictured at night, which is how I like it best, with the glow of it lighting up the room.



Unfortunately I don’t have any old ornaments and I can’t say I’ve been collecting them for years because, like everything else, we had to start afresh when we emigrated as importing Christmas decorations is always a red flag to customs (they are looking for pine beetles in pine cones apparently ) so we decided not to bother.


The exception to this is two little Santa bells that my Mum bought for my boys years ago.


And this year, courtesy of my lovely sister, my tree is adorned with much coveted Cadbury Chocolate decorations.  These are unavailable here in Canada and she sent me some earlier this week! Thanks Sis xx




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The Gallery – Morning

Last Wednesday morning started much like any other, up by 6 to get Hubbie and the kids out of the door along with copious amounts of tea to get me going and then out for a walk with my camera to kick start my day.

I love walking along the lake shore it gives me fresh air, exercise, it’s good for the soul and there’s usually something interesting to  photograph. This time however, was different because was the night before produced our first snowfall of the season.  As it is still quite early in the year the snow was wet, as apposed to the dry fluffy stuff we normally get, and stuck to the trees creating the most beautiful wintry landscape.


This is my late November morning walk…Canadian style!

The Gallery

The Gallery – November

This weeks Gallery theme is November, with a twist… we need to sum it up in just one photo.

Here is my interpretation of the month of November.



When I posted a very similar photo for my Silent Sunday the other day Kate on Thin Ice commented ‘It’s as though you have captured the very moment that the season changes’ and that sums up November completely as it is a month of transition from autumn into winter.  The once spectacularly coloured leaves of fall, the vivid reds and oranges, now litter the earth, everything green retreats underground as the first snow flurries begin to fall.


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The Gallery – Nature

This, for me, is probably the hardest Gallery theme to date.  Almost all the 500 plus photos here on my blog are of the nature here in Canada.  It is so different from what we had in our little corner of Essex that discovering new landscapes and new creatures has been one of the most enjoyable part of emigrating.

In a country of over 3 million lakes I think I can be forgiven for posting lots of pictures involving lakes usually surrounded by pines trees.  Lakes at sunset, lakes in winter, lakes and beaches in the summer or lakes in the autumn… for me the views never get old!  But, just in case, anyone reading this has had enough of my views I decided to rake through my collection to find something I’ve never posted before and then I was struck with inspiration.

I am lucky enough to live in a great area and when hubbie picked our house  he chose one built on a slope with a river and tall trees at the end of the garden.  My deck, which is off the kitchen, is actually one storey above the ground which means it is right in the middle of the trees and the local wildlife treat my garden and deck as a part of their habitat giving us some fantastic opportunities for spotting wildlife so here is a selection of the nature literally ‘in my backyard’

















The Gallery

The Gallery – Halloween

This is the front of my house, all decorated and ready for Halloween.



Halloween in Canada is completely different to the ones we experienced in England.  Like most holidays here, Halloween is a family affair.  Even the youngest of kids are dressed up in a costume for school or day care and as soon as the sun begins to set the doorbell starts to ring as we are bombarded with an adorable array of pirates, princesses, witches and wizards.

According to a recent survey almost half of Canadians will celebrate Halloween in some form, mostly it is dressing up, trick or treating and decorating their homes.  My decorations are pretty tame compared to many, lots of houses in my neighbourhood have tombstones, skeletons and cobwebs all over the front yard. So although we didn’t celebrate Halloween in England we do now, when in Rome…right?


And no one is more pleased about our new tradition than youngest son because this was his haul last year, in little over an hour he collected enough candy to see him passed Christmas!

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The Gallery – Sunday Morning

Yet again Tara has given us a theme that fits in perfectly with me, Sunday Morning.


This was the start of my Sunday morning this week, it definitely wasn’t a normal day for us as it was my 40th Birthday.  The morning began with pressies and cards (I was really spoilt!) shortly followed by a full on breakfast buffet in the hotel restaurant.  We were staying in an area of Ontario called Blue Mountain with my parents who are over visiting as a surprise for my Birthday.

Breakfast was followed by a ride up the mountain to marvel at the view and the fall colour.



My Sunday morning this week was pretty memorable, how was yours?


The Gallery – Through the eyes of my phone

Tara has given us a great theme for this weeks Gallery post – Through the eyes of my phone.

Like most people my phone is always on me, in fact I’m never more than 10 feet away from it!  Call me sad but I’d even go as far to say I love my Iphone.  What I love best about it is snapping a picture and posting it to facebook or twitter immediately so my family and friends back in England can see what I’m doing.  I like to share my experiences with my loved ones and it’s important for me to be able post a picture and get a comment, it helps me feel that they are still a part of my everyday life.

So here are a few shots I’ve taken over the last two years on my phone and the status updates that they relate to.


The “Come on, it’s only november!” status


The “oh no here comes Hurricane Sandy’ status


The ‘only cloud I’ve seen in 4 weeks’ status


The ‘Look how pretty my garden is this morning’ status


The “I’m not going out in this” status


The “chilling on the beach when I should be doing housework” status


The ‘Wow, I live in a beautiful area” status


The “Not what you want to see at the entrance to the campsite” status


The “How stunning is this place?” status


The “chilling by the camp fire” status


The “digging ourselves out this morning” status