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The Gallery – The Great Outdoors

One thing we have plenty of here in Canada is the great outdoors, about 9.9 million square kilometres of it to be precise, all ripe for exploring 😀


We’ve always been quite an outdoorsy family but since we moved to Canada we have been able to take it to a whole new level.

This is Hubbie on our first portage with our new canoe.  The idea is that you paddle as far along a lake as you can until you reach the end, then you get out carry the canoe to the next lake and carry on.

This type of outdoors isn’t cut grass and manicured flower beds with primroses standing to attention in neat little colour coordinated rows. This outdoors is nature at it’s best, wild and rugged, the type that sorts the men from the boys and the princesses from the tough girls, (although I will admit to wincing when I got black swamp goop all over my pretty pink pedicure!)


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The Gallery – Longest Day

We certainly made the most of the longest day this year as we decided to go camping for the weekend in Bon Echo Provincial Park.



We had our first paddle out in the canoe


Had our first swim in the lake and watched the sun set from the beach.




If the rest of the summer is just like this it is going to be a great one!



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The Gallery – Happy

Discovering new places with my Hubbie and the boys makes me so happy.



This is my favourite recent picture of them, they were sharing a joke (probably at my expense!) when I took it.  We’d stumbled upon this incredibly beautiful spot while we were camping last summer and this photo brings back fantastic memories of our brilliant, fun and happy week together full of new places and new experiences.


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The Gallery – Easter

I can guarantee, with no shadow of a doubt, that I will be the only person in this week’s gallery that will be posting a picture of a raccoon for this weeks Easter theme!  Allow me to explain…


Unlike many of you we don’t have school holidays this time of year, even Easter monday is a normal business day here (so no pictures of day trips or family outings to share) but luckily Mother Nature did smile on us for a very welcome long weekend.  In fact it was our warmest this year by far  so we spent as much as possible outside and I spent it chasing this particularly bold, supposedly nocturnal , cheeky little blighter off my bird feeder!


“Is she still there?”

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with our neighbourhood raccoons, whilst they are extremely clever, devious but really quite cute looking with their bandit style markings they are also a pest, spread diseases and can be pretty vicious so I try not to encourage them into the garden and this is usually accomplished by taking the feeder in at night but this brazen beast decided to blitz attack my stash of sunflower seeds in broad daylight again and again and again!

All weekend it was me versus raccoon and guess who won? 😀



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A Favourite Place – The Gallery

I’m so glad Tara gave us ‘A Favourite Place’ as our theme for this weeks Gallery post rather than ‘My favourite place’ which would imply I would have to make an impossible decision. How could I possibly choose between my home town, a small east coast town that I loved from the time I was small and always vowed I would move to or the quaint Cornish fishing villages I visited as a child, my grandparents lounge full of happy childhood memories or the beautiful remote campgrounds we have discovered since we moved to Canada?  I couldn’t.

So I chose a spot here in Canada that we have visited many times and I will revisit many more times, it is stunning in every season and I could stand and look upon it for hours.  It’s also a fantastic place to people spot so when you have done marvelling at the view you can turn around and watch the people who visit from all four corners of the world and wonder at their stories and what brought them here.   Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the spectacular, breathtaking, beautiful Niagara Falls



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The Gallery – Adventure

Tara’s theme of adventure for this weeks Gallery has been quite a dilemma, you see we’re quite an adventurous lot 😀

I have shared many pictures before of us on our adventures,  off-roading in the Sahara Desert, snowmobiling in the Rocky Mountains,  our first portage in the canoe, exploring the Pyramids in Egypt.  So what to post for this weeks theme…

As we’re still in the final throws of winter my thoughts are frequently straying to the not too distant future when the warmer weather finally arrives and we can at last pack the tent in the truck, pop the canoe on the roof rack and head off to discover somewhere new.  It honestly cannot come soon enough,



 So these pictures from last years adventures will have to do while I dream of all the new ones yet to come 😀


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The Gallery – Yellow



I am cheating with this weeks Gallery post and using a photo from last Spring as it is definitely not spring here in Canada.  In fact as I type this it’s snowing again as the leading edge of another winter storm has just arrived which will bring us another 6 inches or so of snow before it clears out tonight.  We have had a few days gorgeous days lately above zero but mother nature is not finished with winter yet.


So I’m sharing this pic of my sunny yellow daffodils to remind myself that it really can’t be winter forever, spring will arrive eventually.


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The Gallery – Morning

All too often these days our mornings start out like this


Here in Toronto we are still in the grips of winter so my mornings are somewhat different to normal, my morning walks have become quite infrequent as freezing my backside off has completely lost it’s appeal.  However, if I do decide to brave the frigid temperature to pop out for a very brief walk I am rewarded with beautiful sights like this.


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The Gallery – Weather

Tara has asked us to share photos of the weather for this weeks Gallery, in particular she asked any of us living abroad to share some sunshine as I know the guys and gals in the UK have been suffering with a lack of sunshine of late.


So, as requested, I will share with you some of my sunny photos, the only problem is that our gorgeous sunny days come with a teeny, weeny downside… -20C!


You see here in Canada we don’t get a huge amount of cloudy days even in the winter, the clouds come in drop snow and move off, then the temperature plummets but hey you can’t have everything, right?! ;-D




So this sums up our weather right now, snow, ice and sunshine.



Of course it doesn’t look that pretty when you’re trying to do the school run while it’s actually falling but we’ll just gloss over that bit!


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