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The Prompt – My Favourite Smell

The Prompt for this week is a topic and it is:
My favourite smell…



My favourite smell is the sea

That salty, seaweed smell evokes such vivid childhood memories of weekends spent having fun, swimming, sailing, messing around in rubber dinghy’s or playing on the beach.

As a little girl I always wanted to live by the sea and when Hubbie and I got married and had our first Son I finally got my wish and we moved to the part of the Essex coast where I spent most of my childhood.

Eldest son wasn’t the easiest of babies truth be told, in fact he was quite a handful in my young and inexperienced hands. Every single day, without fail, I would put him in his pram and we would take a long walk along the sea wall which was right at the end of my road.  I was lonely in those early days as a new mum with a demanding baby but those walks along the sea wall were good for me, they got me out of the house and gave us both some fresh air which thankfully made eldest son sleep, which he rarely did!

When we immigrated to Canada I felt the need to be by water and although Lake Ontario is a freshwater lake, not salty, it is so vast that it feels like the sea.  I just knew that was where we needed to settle.

I regularly walk along the lake shore here and, just like those walks I did as a new mum, it’s acts as a therapy for me.

In the summer we get a build up of algae that drives locals mad because it smells like seaweed and while I nod, as if to agree with their proclamations of disgust, I inwardly smile at the familiarity of the scent.

When I am feeling lonely, sad or homesick I take a walk down to the lake and I sit on the beach, close my eyes and listen to the waves lapping at the shoreline, I inhale deeply and fill my lungs with the aroma of the sea. It brings back a hundred different wonderful memories, and it comforts me because it smells like home.


Alphabet Project – C is for Calm

We are up to the letter  C  with our #AlphabetPhoto project hosted by the lovely Charly at PODcast

C is for Calm




I took this last weekend when we were camping on the shores of Georgian Bay.  I wandered down to the beach alone after dinner just as the sun was setting, the wind had dropped and the birds went quiet and we were just moments away from darkness and I felt this overwhelming sense of calm.

More than being a technically good photo I was trying to convey the sense of stillness  as, in the fading light, I looked out across the lake to the horizon.


The Gallery – Morning

All too often these days our mornings start out like this


Here in Toronto we are still in the grips of winter so my mornings are somewhat different to normal, my morning walks have become quite infrequent as freezing my backside off has completely lost it’s appeal.  However, if I do decide to brave the frigid temperature to pop out for a very brief walk I am rewarded with beautiful sights like this.


Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Cold – What’s the story?

This was my Silent Sunday yesterday, It’s a pier a few miles from where I live.


I wonder how long it will take for over a foot of solid ice to melt?


I decided to check it out after chatting with a couple I met down at the lake a few weeks ago, we were competing for the ideal location to photograph the ice when the man asked me if I ever went to take photos at the pier. I hadn’t been there before so on Monday morning with camera in hand glove I set out for a wander.


I couldn’t get that close to the pier because, as well as the -18C wind-chill, the whole place was a sheet of ice.  It was blowing a hooly and keeping upright was a challenge especially for someone as clumsy as me.


It will be a while before anyone can sit on this bench!

I have no idea if this kind of ice build up is normal or if it’s the result of the exceptionally cold winter we have been having this year.  To put things into perspective we have had 84 consecutive days of snow cover and the 14 days forecast doesn’t show any signs of a significant warm up.  The last record of 79 days was set in 1977.  The City of Toronto has declared 31 extreme cold weather alerts so far this winter, which is the most we have had since the current alert system began.

I’ve had enough of the cold now and am getting sick of posting icy photos, the first ones were an incredible 13 weeks ago, Spring cannot come quick enough!