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Alphabet Photo – U is for Underwater


One of the best things we ever bought for our youngest son was his Olympus waterproof camera and the truth of it is that I get as much enjoyment out of it as he does! Especially when it allows me to get underwater shots like the one above of a rather prehistoric looking snapping turtle that we met on holiday last year.



Joining in with the Alphabet Photography Project by Charly at PODcast

This week U is for Underwater


Alphabet Photo – H is for hiding



This beautiful deer was hiding in the scrub not 10 meters from our campsite last weekend.  I was so pleased to get close enough to get a photo as the deer that live behind my house are incredibly skittish and usually bolt as soon as I open the screen door to get outside.

This one sat quite happily munching on the leaves completely unfazed by my presence, I took my time to slowly creep up on her so as not to disturb her, took a few quick pics and backed away to leave her to her breakfast


Joining in with the Alphabet Photography Project by Charly at PODcast

Alphabet Photo – A is for Animals

I am very excited about the new photo linkys hosted by the lovely Charly at PODcast and today we start with The Alphabet Photography Challenge with A is for…

I chose Animals for my A as discovering the animals here in Canada has been one of the most interesting parts of our new life.


I have mentioned a few times on the blog recently that I have this ongoing battle with a rather cheeky Raccoon who keeps coming up onto my deck to raid the bird feeder and this weekend she got so bold she came right up when I was sitting there having a cuppa.


I don’t want to encourage her but clearly she has a few babies tucked away somewhere and must be hungry to come out during the day so I let her have a few sunflower seeds before I chased her off, in return for a few pics of course!


The Gallery – Easter

I can guarantee, with no shadow of a doubt, that I will be the only person in this week’s gallery that will be posting a picture of a raccoon for this weeks Easter theme!  Allow me to explain…


Unlike many of you we don’t have school holidays this time of year, even Easter monday is a normal business day here (so no pictures of day trips or family outings to share) but luckily Mother Nature did smile on us for a very welcome long weekend.  In fact it was our warmest this year by far  so we spent as much as possible outside and I spent it chasing this particularly bold, supposedly nocturnal , cheeky little blighter off my bird feeder!


“Is she still there?”

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with our neighbourhood raccoons, whilst they are extremely clever, devious but really quite cute looking with their bandit style markings they are also a pest, spread diseases and can be pretty vicious so I try not to encourage them into the garden and this is usually accomplished by taking the feeder in at night but this brazen beast decided to blitz attack my stash of sunflower seeds in broad daylight again and again and again!

All weekend it was me versus raccoon and guess who won? 😀



Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

The Gallery – Nature

This, for me, is probably the hardest Gallery theme to date.  Almost all the 500 plus photos here on my blog are of the nature here in Canada.  It is so different from what we had in our little corner of Essex that discovering new landscapes and new creatures has been one of the most enjoyable part of emigrating.

In a country of over 3 million lakes I think I can be forgiven for posting lots of pictures involving lakes usually surrounded by pines trees.  Lakes at sunset, lakes in winter, lakes and beaches in the summer or lakes in the autumn… for me the views never get old!  But, just in case, anyone reading this has had enough of my views I decided to rake through my collection to find something I’ve never posted before and then I was struck with inspiration.

I am lucky enough to live in a great area and when hubbie picked our house  he chose one built on a slope with a river and tall trees at the end of the garden.  My deck, which is off the kitchen, is actually one storey above the ground which means it is right in the middle of the trees and the local wildlife treat my garden and deck as a part of their habitat giving us some fantastic opportunities for spotting wildlife so here is a selection of the nature literally ‘in my backyard’

















The Gallery

Snapping Turtle Spotting

It seems that many of my Magic Moments posts are animal related whether it’s moose, turtles, coyotes or beaver but I suppose that is all part of emigrating to a different continent.  Animals that you would normally view in the zoo suddenly become part of everyday life and can be spotted wandering around your neighbourhood. This weeks Magic moment post is no different

Who’s observing who…?

Crush and Bubbles our 4 year old Tortoises

We have a bit of an affinity with our shelled friends in this house.  Both the boys have pet Hermann Tortoises which we went to an awful lot of hassle and expense to bring from England to Canada with us when we moved.


So we were very excited on our recent camping trip to spot not only these very pretty Painted Turtles basking in the sun

but also this very friendly Snapping Turtle who appeared to be living under the dock on the lake.

Whenever we walked out onto the dock he would pop up to take a look at us.

He didn’t mind posing for an underwater shot either!

They really do look prehistoric don’t they?

Coyote or Coywolf?

In an attempt to head off the doom of September that I had last year I have decided to be a bit more proactive on the Friend front. There are some lovely people out there but holding them at arms left just in case they turn out to be utter b*tches is probably not the best idea.  So Thursday night I sent a message to a school mum and fellow expat on FB suggesting I meet her when she walks her dog in the morning and as fate would have it it turned out to be a great idea.

We were walking my usual route along the lake shore when a couple stopped us to say they had seen a coyote in the bushes and to be careful as my friends dog was off the leash.  So we decided to investigate, at a safe distance of course!  I could have kicked myself that I didn’t have my camera with me but thank Apple for Iphones 😀

I managed to get these few shots, not the best pics admittedly but still you can see them clear enough.  What was pretty surprising was not only their boldness, coyotes are generally fearful of humans and pretty reclusive especially in broad daylight but also the sheer size of them, these two were the size of a German Shepherd.  This has lead to speculation (by people that know far more than me) that they are in fact Coywolves, a growing population of coyote-wolf hybrids discovered in these parts a few years ago.

I was so excited to see them and, whatever they are, it is both amazing and scary that these predators are roaming around my neighbourhood.