Care Package


However much we try to immerse ourselves into the Canadian way of life by eating local produce as much as possible, getting a ‘care package’ from England is such a huge treat.


My wonderful sister-in-law sent us a Christmas present today which hubby ripped in to as soon as he was home from work.  I am so excited about the custard powder it’s ridiculous.  I bought a tub of custard powder from my local grocery store a while ago and I’d stashed it in the back of the cupboard because it was so expensive, it was the type we used to get years ago where you have to add it to a saucepan of hot milk, all I can say is total disaster! I made an apple crumble to go with it but it really didn’t work.  Instant foolproof custard will be such a treat on a wintery Sunday afternoon.


It’s funny that in the virtual world we live in where you can see loved ones while you chat and order gifts on the Internet that receiving something in the mail is still so special.  In the short time we have lived here we have received parcels from my parents, our sisters and my dear friend K. Each parcel has been so gratefully received that you can’t imagine it unless you’d lived it.  A little reminder of the familiar in an unfamiliar world is just fantastic.

8 thoughts on “Care Package

  1. rachel

    Oh you’re so lucky. I made the American version of custard and it was a disaster almost resorted to consulting Jamie Oliver and making it from scratch. I also miss mince pies , baked beans and squash.

    1. Lou Post author

      I’m going to try a Delia Smith recipe for mince pies because it just doesn’t seem Christmassy without them! We can get Heinz beans here and to be honest I’m not that much of a connoisseur to know if they are the same or not. Totally with you on the squash thing too, my boys in particular really miss Robinsons.

  2. Mama Syder

    Really pleased it got there in plenty of time for Christmas. I remember you saying how much you miss custard. I cant imagine what Kev would be like without custard in his life, lol xxxx

    1. Lou Post author

      Thank you sooo much. I’m tempted to go and whip up an apple pie so I’ve got an excuse to tuck in 😀 xx

  3. Zhu

    Our local Walmart in Ottawa has an entire section in the “international” aisle dedicated to British products, including candy bars and all. 😉 Not sure why actually… the Olympics are over!

    1. Lou Post author

      How odd, when I think of International food I think of Thai or Indian or something far more exotic than tinned baked beans and corned beef!

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