Camping in Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park

We have camped in various countries in Europe and Africa but this is our first summer camping in Canada, so far we have been to Canisbay Lake in Algonquin and Fairbank Provincial Park. As we had a whole week off this time we decided to pack up the tent and canoe and head to Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park.

This park is located on the historic Mattawa River near the Ontario/Quebec border.  The Mattawa River was used by the first European explorers to Canada and native peoples for centuries so it seemed like the ideal location to try out our new canoe.

The view from the back of our pitch

Our site, which was very private, backed onto the river and you could hear it tumbling over the rocks.  After hearing a few whooping sounds coming from the river we searched round to find where it was coming from and realized people were riding down the river, which runs the length of the camp ground, on inflatables.  The next day we drove 30 minutes to North Bay to buy some dinghy’s to join in the fun.  Now at almost 40 you may think that I am a little old to enjoy this but let me tell you I was a spring chicken compared to some of the campers joining in with this.


Our first canoe trip was on Long Lake which was sheltered, calm and perfect for novice canoeists.

What quickly became evident was that our canoe was not big enough for the four of us so we hired an additional canoe direct from the campground the following day so we could go a little further afield.

This time we went across Moore lake and turned west.  We spotted some beautiful painted turtles basking in the sun.


On our final day we decided to get adventurous and venture onto the Mattawa River, into The Gut and back through Long Lake to experience our first portage.


Long Lake

The canoe routes from this campground are just beautiful.

Mattawa River

The campground in general has been my favourite so far, the pitch was huge , the toilets and showers were clean and the surrounding area was beautiful and ripe for exploring 😀


The sunsets over the lake were pretty stunning too.

A Compass Rose


6 thoughts on “Camping in Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park

  1. Zhu

    Wow! I’m not into camping (or going into the wild that much…) but the pictures are amazing. Yep, Canada is the place for exploring the outdoors!

  2. Mum

    I wanna know about the turtles, are they called ‘painted’ because that’s what they look like, or is it because they have been painted…

  3. Kate

    I’ve never been camping, it looks like so much fun!
    I also happen to think Canada looks completely beautiful, I would definitely like to go on my travels!

  4. Mama Syder

    It looks so beautiful and restful. Love the turtle photo and that one of your Hubby carrying the canoe, instantly reminded me of when we were small and we’d tie Mums tea towel on to the end of a stick, filled with our ‘cant live withouts’ usually lego, toy cars and rusty nails :/ then we would set off on an adventure to the bottom of the garden xxx

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