Camping in Presqu’ile Provincial Park


Seeing as we didn’t have a long weekend we decided to stay closer to home on our next camping adventure.  Presqu’ile Provincial park is a little over an hour outside the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) so it’s ideal for a brief Friday to Sunday jaunt.  Although like most parks that are near a major metropolitan area, the park tends to be busy and noisy and the sites are not as private as those further afield.

This site was not going to work for us

This site was not going to work for us

I originally booked us into a a site that turned out to be completely unusable but the park staff were great and moved us to a much better site without any fuss at all.


My favourite part of the weekend was the marsh boardwalk trail, a short 1.2km hike out through the marsh which provides a myriad of photographic opportunities 😀








An interesting thing about Prequ’ile are all these so called ‘horse trees’.



They are white cedars thought to have grown in this odd shape due to some near catastrophic weather event around 120 years ago.

There are lots of hikes and bike trails to explore in Presqu’ile but we just weren’t here long enough to see them all, which gives us a perfect reason to return 🙂


2 thoughts on “Camping in Presqu’ile Provincial Park

  1. kelloggsville

    What was the catastrophic event? and the word march screams mosquito (gnat) at me, are they there too? It looks lovely though. You are right about teh poststamp on a slope bit of grass, who could camp there?!

  2. Cathy

    Oh wow….. it has been years since I have seen Presqu’ile Prov. Park…… what a thrill to see it again. Many years ago I lived near Brighton and went camping at the park many times. Thank you for sharing.

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