Camping in Fairbank Provincial Park

Last week we decided to take advantage of the long weekend, pack the tent in the truck and head ‘up North’ to a campground in Fairbank Provincial Park, Ontario.

The journey itself took about 6 hours, which was pretty good considering we went on the Friday of a long weekend.  The drive up to the campground itself was full of potholes and didn’t look too picturesque and we started to wonder if we’d picked the right place.

Our sense of foreboding didn’t abate as we went to check in.  The sign on the counter announced there were bears in the area.  Trying to sound casual (and probably failing) I asked the staff about the bears.  “We have a yearling around here” she said “but it’s up here near our garbage, it hasn’t been seen down in the campground, yet”  Hmmmm …yet!

Our site was pretty small and we messed around for quite a while trying to fit everything on, they were also close together which was not what we were expecting.

Despite this the site actually grew on us over the weekend.  The neighbours were actually pretty friendly and all stopped by for a chat and we got some great info from them on other places to visit.  We discovered a while ago that people love to give their opinions so the best way to find out things as a new immigrant is to ask everyone and anyone.  Our small site happened to be ideally placed close to the (clean) showers and the beach, not so bad after all.

There was only one hike route on the site, which was a little short and over in about 20 minutes but did give some great views down onto the lake.  Without a doubt the main draw of this area was the lake, spring fed and beautifully clear it was lovely for swimming, canoeing or fishing.

On Sunday we wanted to do some hiking so on the advice of the neighbours we headed 40 minutes north to Chutes Provincial Park where there were many hiking routes to choose from along the beautiful river, rapids and waterfalls.


The whole area was stunning.

We had a fantastic weekend, the boys survived without internet access and we discovered some amazing places that we can’t wait to investigate further.


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  1. Paula

    Happy to hear that your camping weekend was enjoyed by all. Ontario has so many beautiful provincial parks to choose from. My daughter and her family camp every summer. Their favourites so far are Sandbanks and Bon Echo.

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