Buying a Home – An Unconventional Approach


Would you think I was crazy if I said the first time I stepped foot inside my house was two days before we moved in?  Hmmm… thought so!


On our fact-finding trip to Toronto we spent our time narrowing down the area we wanted to live in.  We decided we wanted to be in the catchment for the best schools, we viewed ‘open houses’ and made our ‘wish list’ and found ourselves a great realtor.


Explanation Time

The housing market here in Canada is polar opposite to that in the UK.  All houses are advertised in one place; the MLS  (multiple Listing service). The purpose of a realtor is to sift through all the properties online and sort which ones fit your criteria, they will book viewing appointments and personally show you around each house and when you pick one they will negotiate on your behalf.  A good working relationship with your realtor is essential. The best thing is that this entire process usually takes within 30 and 60 days. No really!!! Also the ‘open house’ thing is just great. Houses for sale are set up to look like show homes and then open their doors for 2 hours during the weekend, you can literally just walk around house to house having a nosey around, fantastic!


We returned back to the UK to finish our preparation. We kept in constant contact with our realtor, she would email us new listings constantly. Two months later we were ready to find a home but we couldn’t all go back to Canada, our eldest son was in the middle of his final exams at school and there was still loads to do so before we left, not to mention the cost of another 4 flights.  The only logical thing to do was to send Hubby back to Canada to buy a house alone.


So husband and our realtor viewed the houses together and reported back to me every night.  When they thought they found the right one that ticked all the boxes on the wish list my husband walked around the house and filmed it on my camera and he uploaded it to YouTube for my approval.  This was the final frame of the video;




I actually did buy a house I’d never been in and I’m relieved to say my husband and realtor did a great job.  My new home is just perfect! I wonder how many other people would trust their husband to choose their home?



5 thoughts on “Buying a Home – An Unconventional Approach

  1. kathy

    I did that twice…once my sister-in-law (for a rental….but still 700 km away from where I was at the time) ….bad idea – couldn’t believe what she that was acceptable. Ended up living there 3 yrs cause I was too lazy to move. Then another 7 yrs later my husband was instructed to “find a place” ….again thankfully a rental….but still….when you have three kids between the ages of 7 and 4. And your moving 1000 km I would have expected him to at least realize the house must have had several dogs that were’t house trained. And the fleas sure didn’t help not to mention the shag carpeting from the 60’s ….and he had the electricity connected but didn’t get the gas connected. So we all spent a very cold looooong weekend …easter as it happens….a snowy friggin cold easter….without hot water or heat. I don’t know why I didn’t use the camper that was in the driveway. It was only when the gas was connected “emergency connections” that cost extra ….but the guy that came to connect it said….”is that your camper in the driveway”…”yes” …..duhhhhhh. we could have slept in it…But I was too buzy being pissed at the horror house of dog piss and fleas and no heat or hot water….to remember the camper.

    1. Lou Post author

      Oh Wow, that sounds horrendous you poor thing. I suddenly feel very thankful that my experience was not that bad. I wonder how long it took you to forgive him, if you ever will!

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