Alphabet Project – C is for Calm

We are up to the letter  C  with our #AlphabetPhoto project hosted by the lovely Charly at PODcast

C is for Calm




I took this last weekend when we were camping on the shores of Georgian Bay.  I wandered down to the beach alone after dinner just as the sun was setting, the wind had dropped and the birds went quiet and we were just moments away from darkness and I felt this overwhelming sense of calm.

More than being a technically good photo I was trying to convey the sense of stillness  as, in the fading light, I looked out across the lake to the horizon.


12 thoughts on “Alphabet Project – C is for Calm

  1. Charly Dove

    I love this photo Lou. Seems quite poignant too after all the cold you’ve experienced. How wonderful to be able to camp again and enjoy that fabulous country you live in. Beautiful beautiful photo #alphabetphoto

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