Alphabet Photo – O is for Orange



Lilies are my favourite flower and I love these bright orange ones that I planted in my front garden.  The colour is so vibrant that I can see them as soon as  I turn the corner onto the street.  They are like a little beacon welcoming me home



Joining in with the Alphabet Photography Project by Charly at PODcast

 O is for Orange

11 thoughts on “Alphabet Photo – O is for Orange

  1. Rachael

    Oh I love lilies – the house we just bought has so many Day lilies in the garden it’s wonderful, shame each flower has such a short life span but they certainly add some much needed colour into our garden!

  2. Cheryl

    Love the idea that you see them as you come round the corner. I can imagine the colour is uplifting. Tried growing lillies one year. First time I encountered lily beetles too. Been a while so maybe I should try again! #AlphabetPhoto

  3. Elizabeth

    Beautiful! We had tiger lilies growing in our garden where I grew up in Canada (which, incidentally, is the topic of my own #AlphabetPhoto this week – the village, not lilies).


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