Alphabet Photo – O is for Orange



Lilies are my favourite flower and I love these bright orange ones that I planted in my front garden.  The colour is so vibrant that I can see them as soon as  I turn the corner onto the street.  They are like a little beacon welcoming me home



Joining in with the Alphabet Photography Project by Charly at PODcast

 O is for Orange

11 thoughts on “Alphabet Photo – O is for Orange

  1. Rachael

    Oh I love lilies – the house we just bought has so many Day lilies in the garden it’s wonderful, shame each flower has such a short life span but they certainly add some much needed colour into our garden!

  2. Cheryl

    Love the idea that you see them as you come round the corner. I can imagine the colour is uplifting. Tried growing lillies one year. First time I encountered lily beetles too. Been a while so maybe I should try again! #AlphabetPhoto

  3. Jess @ Catch A Single Thought

    Stunning, stunning colour! Lilies are my favourite flower too although unfortunately, mine have just deflowered for the summer (is that the right term?!…either that or I’ve accidentally killed them!) #alphabetphoto

  4. Elizabeth

    Beautiful! We had tiger lilies growing in our garden where I grew up in Canada (which, incidentally, is the topic of my own #AlphabetPhoto this week – the village, not lilies).

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