Alphabet Photo – B is for Beach

B is for beach in this weeks Alphabet photo hosted by the lovely Charly at PODcast


Our beaches here in Canada are not white sands and palm trees but they are, in my humble opinion, equally as beautiful and last weekend I was lucky enough to spend the weekend camping by this one. 😀


11 thoughts on “Alphabet Photo – B is for Beach

    1. Lou Post author

      Not really, there are so many lovely lakes and beaches here to go around, no need to be all squished in one place!

  1. Sam

    Always stunning scenery! It reminds me of when I was younger and my friend and I always used to think of either the Canadian tourist board adverts and sing ‘Canada’ or the children’s cartoon “The Racoons” when we were any near a thicket of pine trees! I’d love to visit one day. #alphabetphoto

  2. Charly Dove

    I love the Canadian beaches Lou, they’re beautiful. Must be so nice seeing Spring arrive too! Wonderful photo, thank you so much for sharing and joining in #alphabetphoto

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