A Perfect Day – The Prompt



The Prompt for this week is a phrase and it is:

A perfect day…


I awoke to the sound of chipmunks chasing each other up and down the bark of the big pine trees that tower above our campsite, the sun already warm on the side of the canvas promises a lovely day ahead.  I creep quietly out of the tent so as not to disturb the softly snoring bodies beside me, into the fresh morning air.

It is still early and the campground is quiet except for the wildlife that scurries through the trees.  I light the fire under the kettle and sit listening to the crackle of the wood as the water boils, there’s nothing quite like that first cuppa in the morning and I enjoy mine in solitude.  The heavy sent of pine fills the air and I listen to the birds singing and watch the squirrels forage in the undergrowth.


It is only the crackle and aroma of cooking bacon wafting across the campground that gets the boys out of their beds and a cooked breakfast sets us up perfectly for our day, starting with a hike.


The trail is a gradual climb to a look out over the lake, I can feel the burn in my legs as we wind our way on the path through the rocks and trees and as we finally reach the view point we stand together in silence, amazed at the natural beauty before us.


At this point I quietly chide myself for the homesickness that is like a constant background noise to my daily life, what a fool I am, it is impossible not to be content and happy in such a stunning environment.


We return to the campground hot and sweaty and immediately head to the beach for a swim in the crisp, clear water of the lake.  The first steps into the cool water are utter bliss and as the sun beats down we enjoy swimming,  floating and splashing around in the afternoon heat.


That evening as we sit around the camp fire cooking our dinner of steak and baked potatoes and with a chilled glass of my favourite Pinot Grigio I admit wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.  We all have a glow to our cheeks from the sun and our active day has left us tired but happy.  I am so lucky to have my family around me and I struggle to fend off sadness as I think about how few days like this we have left, the boys are growing up so fast and will be off on their own soon.  I feel immense pride in them as I watch them chatting and laughing together, thank God they get on so well.


The sky turns from dark blue to peach and orange and then a spectacular night sky is revealed above us so we take a walk down to the beach to escape the light pollution of the campground and to get a better view. I’ve never seen the sky so full of stars before and we lie on the sand and point out the constellations that we know.


Later that night as I curl up in my bed feeling the warm glow of my Sunkist skin and my aching muscles I listen to the haunting call of the loons on the lake, a final thought runs through my head as I drift off to sleep…What a perfect day.



9 thoughts on “A Perfect Day – The Prompt

  1. Sophie Lovett

    Sounds like an awesome day to me 🙂 So important to focus on the present & not get caught up in what might have been or what might be. Family and the great outdoors are a pretty perfect combination. #theprompt

  2. Sam

    That sounds amazing Lou. I like the fact that you’ve kept it real by bringing in your thoughts and feelings – we can never switch them off after all. And I guess ‘perfection’ always has to be a trade off for something – in your case being so far from home. I’ve always felt that there was something magical about being in places where you can see the stars properly – for me its been on Safari in South Africa and the outback of Australia. #ThePrompt

  3. Jazzygal

    Beautiful, I feel as if I’ve shared your perfect Day with you. And of course Pinot Grigio definitely helps complete any perfect day! xx

  4. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Oh, Lou, this is beautiful and sounds like a day that would be pretty perfect for my family too. I love your descriptions, so evocative of camping and simply enjoying the surroundings and the moment. Perfect x Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  5. Mel

    It cannot be easy everyday being far from your roots and family, but that day sounds like the most amazing, perfect day there could possibly be. Mel #ThePrompt

  6. Mama Syder

    Oh Lou, so beautifully written. Please write a book about your travels, this made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, eager to read more, the sign of a good book! xxx

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