The Prompt – It’s a Man’s World


The Prompt for this week is a topic and it is:

It’s a man’s world


This is a topic that particularly resonates with me right now as, at this precise moment in time I am waiting for my husband to make a decision about his career that will pretty much decide the entire direction of our lives for the foreseeable future and frankly I have very little say in it.

The question of starting our own business has been lurking in the background since we came to Canada and although initially I wasn’t keen to go down that route having done it in England, I am now resigned to the fact that it is more likely to happen than not. The thing is when we had our business in England it was very much regarded as my husbands business and that I was simply along for the ride. This attitude, which I encountered on a daily basis by both men and women (often women were the worst!), drove me insane.   The business was ours not his. We worked very much as a team and we both had equally important but very separate roles in the company and he could no more do my job that I could do his, but did anyone ever assume he was just working for me? Of course not! While I, arguably, has the more difficult role of juggling my business obligations with the demands of motherhood and running a home.

I think women could do a lot more for each other when it comes to how we are viewed by men, not only in the workforce but also in life in general. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think life is a Men v. Women battle or anything but I do think women often get the raw end of the deal and other women do little to help the situation. While women continue to undermine their gender by criticizing them for their career choices or putting them down to boost their own egos it always will be a struggle to be viewed as truly equal.

I sadly believe while women continue to be the primary carers of our children (and this job is not respected as it should be) and while men generally earn more money in the workplace it will continue to be a man’s world, but if women worked together, encouraged each other instead of bitching or seeing other women as rivals we could really change things for future generations.

Word of the Week – Reflective



Reflective is the word that best describes my week for a couple of reasons.

The first is our holiday, which sadly came to an end at the beginning of this week. We were camped right on the shores of Lake Temagami in Northern Ontario. We had a fabulous week exploring the area and my favourite prt of the days were the evenings when the lake turned to glass and the reflection of the evening sky was absolutely perfect, we’d grab the canoe and kayak and head out for a paddle.





Reflective also suits my mood this week as Sunday was exactly three years since we arrived here in Canada.  Our anniversary is the time when I reflect on the changes in our life,  weigh up the pros and cons of expat life, remember the past and look to the future.



The Reading Residence

3 year Expat Anniversary

We arrived in Canada 3 years ago last Sunday .

3 whole years… it’s hard to comprehend that it has been that long since we said goodbye to our loved ones and drove out of our hometown for the last time. Time flies and all that.

I always get a bit reflective this time of year as I reminisce about our final months in England. I still miss my family and friends as much as I did at the beginning but I suppose I am more in a state of acceptance these days, I have learned to live day to day without seeing them all the time or even communicating with them for months on end.


I have made friends here in Canada but I am not anywhere near as close to them as I am to my English friends. Part of that is because we don’t share a common background, I never realized how important shared experiences were in a relationship until I didn’t have it.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, far from it in fact. These past three years have taught me more about myself than I even knew, I’ve seen places that I never imagined, adventured into the great unknown and come out of it as a stronger person.


Our family is more close-knit than ever before as we face the twists and turns of expat life together.  And yet it stills feels like we are right at the start of our journey, new experiences and new places are still an everyday occurrence. Every July when we celebrate another year in Canada we are in a different situation than we were the year before as our lives are constantly evolving.

As we go into our fourth year as expats things will continue to change, this year will see the start of our application for Canadian Citizenship, our youngest son graduates from elementary school and will go to high school and Hubbie, who is in a permanent state of “itchy feet”, hopefully will make a decision about what he wants to do in his career.

Who knows what the next 12 months have in store for us but no doubt it will be as much of a rollercoaster ride as the last three years have been…buckle up!


Alphabet Photo – J is for Jetty


I am getting in at the 11th hour with my latest Alphabet Photography Project entry as we were away camping last week.

During our holiday we spent many, many hours on this jetty as Hubbie and youngest son have recently developed a passion for fishing.

I couldn’t help but smile when I looked up to see the pair of them standing in the exact same pose, totally absorbed on their floats, waiting for a bite.

Joining in with the Alphabet Photography Project by Charly at PODcast

The Gallery – The Great Outdoors

One thing we have plenty of here in Canada is the great outdoors, about 9.9 million square kilometres of it to be precise, all ripe for exploring :-D


We’ve always been quite an outdoorsy family but since we moved to Canada we have been able to take it to a whole new level.

This is Hubbie on our first portage with our new canoe.  The idea is that you paddle as far along a lake as you can until you reach the end, then you get out carry the canoe to the next lake and carry on.

This type of outdoors isn’t cut grass and manicured flower beds with primroses standing to attention in neat little colour coordinated rows. This outdoors is nature at it’s best, wild and rugged, the type that sorts the men from the boys and the princesses from the tough girls, (although I will admit to wincing when I got black swamp goop all over my pretty pink pedicure!)


Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Alphabet Photo – I is for Idyllic

Idyllic is a very subjective adjective, for some it conjures images of white sand and blue sea, for others it’s side by side designer shops and a credit card ;-)
but this is my idea of idyllic…



A little escapism in the canoe away from noise and technology with nothing but the power of our arms to propel us through the meandering river to see what we will find around the next corner. Calm waters, blue skies and warm sunshine, who could ask for more?


Joining in with the Alphabet Photography Project by Charly at PODcast

Camping in Presqu’ile Provincial Park


Seeing as we didn’t have a long weekend we decided to stay closer to home on our next camping adventure.  Presqu’ile Provincial park is a little over an hour outside the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) so it’s ideal for a brief Friday to Sunday jaunt.  Although like most parks that are near a major metropolitan area, the park tends to be busy and noisy and the sites are not as private as those further afield.

This site was not going to work for us

This site was not going to work for us

I originally booked us into a a site that turned out to be completely unusable but the park staff were great and moved us to a much better site without any fuss at all.


My favourite part of the weekend was the marsh boardwalk trail, a short 1.2km hike out through the marsh which provides a myriad of photographic opportunities :-D








An interesting thing about Prequ’ile are all these so called ‘horse trees’.



They are white cedars thought to have grown in this odd shape due to some near catastrophic weather event around 120 years ago.

There are lots of hikes and bike trails to explore in Presqu’ile but we just weren’t here long enough to see them all, which gives us a perfect reason to return :-)