Alphabet Photo – U is for Underwater


One of the best things we ever bought for our youngest son was his Olympus waterproof camera and the truth of it is that I get as much enjoyment out of it as he does! Especially when it allows me to get underwater shots like the one above of a rather prehistoric looking snapping turtle that we met on holiday last year.



Joining in with the Alphabet Photography Project by Charly at PODcast

This week U is for Underwater


Word of the Week – Plunge



We have finally taken the plunge  and Hubbie has quit his job, from next week we will be officially working for ourselves.

It is a scary time and it has made our future uncertain yet again but I guess that is another example of how starting a new life in another country can keep you on your toes!  I feel a little like Eldest Son does in the photo above, bracing for impact, a little out of control maybe but trusting that the end result will be ok.

We’ve done it before, when we lived in England, so we’re under no illusions of the hard work and determination it will take to make this business successful but hopefully we have learned from the mistakes we made before and this time the journey will be easier.

Unfortunately this will mean my blogging will need to take a back seat while we get on our feet but I hope to be able to balance both eventually .  I guess that’s not a bad thing as it will allow me to concentrate on quality rather than quantity, there are so many brilliant linkys out there that have allowed me to try out my writing skills and explore my photography that I want to join them all but that’s just not possible.  From now on I’ll have to be more selective about what I post and try to only post when I have something important to say or a photo I’m particularly pleased with.

We have interesting times ahead to say the least, Hubbie will be much happier when he is in control of his work once again and I need to remember that when I go into full on panic mode as the worrier in me takes over!

Wish us luck!


The Reading Residence

Alphabet Photo – S is for Street Performers

It was the ScotiaBank Buskerfest in downtown Toronto at the end of August.  The street performers ranged from jaw-dropping to the downright bizarre and everything in-between!  Here are a few of my favourites;









Joining in with the Alphabet Photography Project by Charly at PODcast

S is for Street Performers


Expat Celebrations


Today Eldest Son turns 20 and like all celebrations and holidays since emigrating it will be a low-key affair.


That is one of the compromises we make when we undertake this expat lifestyle, in exchange for a better daily life we sacrificed sharing special moments with our loved ones and I admit to feeling guilty that the boys (well, mainly youngest son who was 10 when we left) have missed out on those early memories of big family do’s that would traditionally accompany such celebrations back in England.


If we were still there the celebrations would involve my friends dropping round after school for a coffee, a meal with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins on the weekend and probably time celebrating with his friends (you know how kids manage to spread their birthdays over a week!) Instead it will be a quiet meal out, just the four of us.


Christmases are no longer the big family affair where we share our time between my family and his, you know those celebrations that take a week to prepare for a whole day to clean up after and days to recover from! It’s now just the four of us, the smallest turkey I can find and a marathon Skype session with the family.


It takes some getting used to and I don’t doubt that we are in the thoughts of our loved ones on special occasions but as a Mum it’s my job to make birthdays special and that’s quite a task when our nearest and dearest aren’t here.


So eldest son has picked a restaurant to visit tonight for his birthday dinner and we’re going where any self respecting Brit abroad should visit… the local Irish bar! Our phones have been bleeping away since the early hours of the morning with messages from our friends and family, we’ll spend some time this afternoon catching up with some of them on Skype and I have been collecting his cards out of the mail for the last week so he had a big pile to open this morning.


The Birthday Boy


Accepting that celebrations will be different is part and parcel of adapting to our new life and it’s important to remember that they may be different now but doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be any less special.


Seychelles Mama

B&W Photography Project – Lily



The Black and White photography Project is rapidly becoming one of my favourite blog links.  Hubbie is usually the one who loves monochrome and many of his snaps adorn the walls in our house but I prefer to take landscape photos where so much of the beauty is in the colour.  This project, however, has given me a completely different outlook and I was completely inspired by the beautiful dandelion Charly posted and the gorgeous flower Jaime posted last week.

I’d never thought of photographing flowers in black and white before so I’m quite please with how well this one turned out :-)


 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg